Ignasi Gozalo Salellas publishes ‘La excepcionalidad permanente’ under Anagrama’s  collection Nuevos Cuadernos

20 de November de 2023

Within Anagrama’s Nuevos Cuadernos framework, MUSSOL’s member Ignasi Gozalo Salellas analyzes exceptionality as the new normality and our contemporary form of domination. Recovering the legal-military language of the twentieth century and halfway between the chronicle and the essay as the book’s genre, the author points to the return of the “strong sovereign” embodied in different figures that control our daily life and incessantly applies a permanent exceptionality. The book updates the concept of the state of exception in contemporary societies and unpacks the six teleological and somatic states that the sovereign currently uses.

“Ignasi Gozalo Salellas describes the 20s during the 21st century as a sheaf of ‘states’ chaired by exceptionality with succinct brilliance: institutional, technological, and emotional exceptionalities that amplify all of our vulnerabilities while eroding the democratic future of global society.” —Santiago Alba Rico.

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