Philosophy for contemporary challenges

Philosophy of the group

Philosophy is the activity of thinking about the limits of one’s own time based on common problems. It is questioned by the conditions of discourse and allows a critical analysis to be made from concepts that can be shared and discussed.

Philosophy is an activity that is part of the public life of our societies and that in these moments of uncertainty is acquiring a relevant role because it is able to cross the epistemological limits of the different expert languages ​​and think from them.

In its academic aspect, philosophy allows to articulate this public discussion in an articulated, rigorous way and to link the knowledge of the western and non-western philosophical corpus to the great questions of the rest of current sciences. Its function is no longer methodological, as had been proposed at the end of the twentieth century, but problematizing, interpellating, critical and propositive.

Philosophy must generate good conjectures, which are those that allow us to keep thinking. This can only be done in dialogue with the rest of the knowledge. Therefore, its presence in the university ecosystem is essential in these times of change.

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