LIS was presented in Showcase 2019

25 November, 2019

The UOC Research Showcase 2019, an internal UOC event, was held on 5 of November in Barcelona. The theme for this showcase event was the UN’s 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The idea that, in terms of research activities, how can be contributed to social transformation and made progress towards fairer, more sustainable societies.

There were three different sessions related to inclusive and equitable lifelong learning, Healthy lives & well-being and Social transformation and open knowledge. Each session has seven different presentations. LIS was one of them titled “A Tutor System for online learning to better support learners: The LIS system”. It was presented by David Bañeres. Dr. Baneres highlighted the main aim of the project to develop an adaptive system to be globally applicable at the UOC campus to help students to succeed in their learning process. Additionally, he points out what kind of stakeholders can use LIS and what will be the effect on their manners. Also, he mentioned that such projects like LIS could contribute to increasing students’ awareness of their progression.
Attendees were really interested in LIS. Also, future collaboration with other projects was discussed.

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