International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies

6 July, 2019

One of LIS project components prototype was presented at the 11th EDULEARN19 which was held in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) between 1st and 3rd of July, 2019. It is one of the largest international education conferences for lecturers, researchers, technologists and professionals from the educational sector. After 11 years, it has become a reference event where more than 800 experts from 80 countries will get together to present their projects and share their knowledge on teaching and learning methodologies and educational innovations. The 11th edition of EDULEARN is sure to be among the most successful education conferences in Europe.


One of LIS project components is the early warning system. This system, as an enhancement of learning analytics, are used to better support students based on their behavior and performance and identifying potential at-risk situations by collecting student data through technologies such as learning management systems or databases, which already have students previous signs of progress.

This study was presented as an oral presentation in Learning Analytic session titled as “analysis of the accuracy of an early warning system for learners at-risk: a case study”. It was aimed that identifying students at-risk by using the simple Gradual At-risk (GAR) predicting model in the Computer Structure course in the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and to provide early feedback based on the chance to pass the course. The results of this study demonstrated the effectiveness of the early warning system to identify at-risk students based on the GAR model and by using the Green-Amber-Red risk classification.

Many conference participants showed interest in this study and received additional information about the LIS project.

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