LIS in IODL2019 (Anadolu University)

25 November, 2019

International Open & Distance Learning Conference (IODL 2019) organized by Anadolu University on 14-16 November 2019 in Eskişehir, Turkey.
Anadolu University, one of the biggest universities in the world regarding open and distance education. It currently offers higher education to over one million students worldwide. Anadolu University Open Education System aims to reduce the barriers to education, especially for adults and self-learners. The main theme of the IODL 2019 was “Glocal ODL Opportunities and Dynamics”.
The aim of the IODL 2019 was to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to present and discuss a broad range of topics related to open and distance learning. It was the perfect floor to introduce LIS and discuss its features with the attendees. It was presented by Abdulkadir Karadeniz in a Panel.

LIS is an intelligent tutoring system that uses artificial intelligence tools to predict and warn the students and teachers about the possible coming performance. Such topics related to AI tools are one of the main trends in education, nowadays, especially with massive numbers of students. It can be said that AI has great potential to help all stakeholders, such as teachers, students, and managers. Teachers can use AI tools to improve their courses. Students can be aware of the coming activities and the best way to perform, etc. In particular, LIS has all these essential features. Therefore, the presentation was got the attention and got known by many academicians with their interests.

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