Best paper award in JENUI 2020

1 September, 2020

The objective of the XXVI Jornadas sobre la Enseñanza Universitaria de la Informática – Conference on the University Teaching of Computer Science (JENUI 2020), promoted by the Association of University Teachers of Computer Science (AENUI) and organized by the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Enginyeria de la Universitat de València (ETSE-UV), is to promote the contact, exchange and discussion of knowledge and experiences between university professors of computer science and research groups; discuss the content of the programs and the pedagogical methods used; as well as to highlight a discussion forum in which to present innovative topics and approaches aimed at improving the teaching of Computer Science in universities.

The LIS group presented an experience during the first pilot in the subject Databases. The paper presented the platform to detect at-risk students and the result of the experience on the final performance.

We are glad to announce that the paper was awarded with the best paper.

Due to the pandemic, the conference was held online. The video presentation can be seen next (in Spanish). 



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About the author
David Bañeres has a BSc in Computer Science (2001) and a PhD in Computer Science (2008) from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain. He is currently a full-time member of faculty at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya's Faculty of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications. His research interests include innovative e-learning systems such as intelligent tutoring systems, automated assessment, learning analytics and the application of artificial intelligence in educational contexts. Currently, he is co-coordinating the development of an intelligent tutoring system and an early warning system for the UOC Campus.
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