New UOC staff. Do you know them? Read on to find out more!


Fourteen new members of staff attended the monthly welcome session held on Monday 24 February in the office of President Josep A. Planell, with General Manager Antoni Cahner and Vice President for Teaching and Learning Carles Sigalés. These sessions are for new members of staff on long-term or open-ended contracts.

Do you know them?

Having welcomed them all to the UOC, the president spoke to them about our student-centred educational model and the guidance and support it provides for lifelong learning, while explaining how societal impact is an important part of our mission.

There was also time to talk about the UOC’s strategy for the next few years, focusing on growth, our drive towards globalization, and our desire to contribute positively to the changes our world is experiencing.

Finally there was a question and answer session, in which our new colleagues shared their thoughts with the president, the general manager, and the vice president, who addressed the points raised there and then.

This event is part of a larger induction process, which has three other stages: a face-to-face induction; a self-induction (involving exploration of the IntraUOC induction page, UOC Welcome game, and training on occupational risk prevention); and a fully funded free course, so as to experience what it’s like to study at the UOC.

We’d like to extend all of you a warm welcome to the UOC, we wish you every success!

  • Anna Cabré Ruf
  • Victoria Toribio Ruisoto
  • Laia Vallejo Benito
  • Cristina Lorente Martínez
  • Juan Manuel Pavon Lafaja
  • Maira Lizeth Mahecha Bustos
  • Javier Hernando Restrepo Yanguma
  • Lorena Astrid Cortés Bobadilla
  • Anna Delgado Jose
  • Mireia Oliver Crespo
  • Carme Riera Penadés
  • Xavier Seuba Hernández
  • Dalilis Escobar
  • Debora Gottardell
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