It’s time to stock up on quality content for the holidays. Check out your colleagues’ recommendations!


The recommendations made by participants at La UOC en viu! have become an eagerly awaited staple. For this 3rd event, we asked everyone who spoke live to suggest a podcast, film, series or documentary.

Why not use your downtime over the holidays to check them out?

Aina Villalonga (Globalization and Cooperation department)

Podcast: Tot és mixtura

Paqui Pérez (Globalization and Cooperation department)

Exhibition: World Press Photo

Aleida Giralte (Globalization and Cooperation department)

Podcast: Radio Ambulante / Documentary: La sangre de la tierra

Iviane de Luna Ramos (Faculty of Economics and Business)

Series: Years and Years

Ana María Ruiz (Faculty of Law and Political Science)

Film: Bruised

Lídia Casals (Contact Centre)

Film: La Grande Bellezza

Anna Delgado (Contact Centre)

Film: Annette

Teresa Fèrriz (Office of the President and Institutional Relations)
Podcasts: La maleta de la Helena & Massa mare (coming soon)

Helena Loaiza (UOC office in Colombia)
Film: Encanto

Pastora Martínez Samper (vice president for Globalization and Cooperation)

Podcasts: Despacho 42 & Parenthesis

Francesc Núñez (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)
Book: The End of Love: A Sociology of Negative Relations

Irene Guede (Personnel department)

Series: New Amsterdam

Antònia Huertas (Faculty of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications)
Documentary: The Return: Life After ISIS

Daniel Riera (Faculty of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications)

Podcast: Marea nocturna

Amanda Baqué (Communications department)

Series: The Handmaid’s Tale

Jordi Sánchez (Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences)

Films: The Power of the Dog & The Hand of God (coming soon)

Lis Balcells (Library and Learning Resources department)

Series: Foundation

Francesc Xavier Medina (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Series: The Chestnut Man

Marta Alonso (Communications department)

Book: I Feel Nothing

Marc Buil, son of Maite López (Contact Centre)

Book: Geronimo Stilton

Jorge Bronet (territorial delegate)
Film: Another Round

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