Book recommendations from the live event for Sant Jordi


This year we’ve celebrated a very different Sant Jordi! The live event let us reconnect with colleagues, albeit online. Because what we really wanted was to see each other, outside of work meetings, and come together, even if only on-screen, to have a good time and enjoy all the tales told by all the members of the UOC community who took part live!

We heard a thousand and one anecdotes about the start of the UOC, which is already twenty-five years old… how time flies! But there’s more, because the event gave us loads of book recommendations from those taking part, which we’re delighted to share with you here.

  • Consumits pel foc (Jaume Cabré) and Blood Brothers (Ernst Haffner), recommended by Antoni Roure, from the Technology department.
  • The Hummingbird (Sandro Veronesi), recommended by Mònica de Llorens, from the Network of UOC Centres.
  • Cartas sobre Dios y Buda (Francesc Torralba), recommended by Sílvia Fernández, from the Contact Centre.
  • In the Distance (Hernán Díaz), recommended by Àngels Fitó, Vice President for Competitiveness and Employability.
  • L’animal que parla (Josep A. Fernández) and Sempre és tard (Maria Josep Escrivà), recommended by Josep Anton Fernández, member of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.
  • Els desperfectes (Irene Pujadas), Consumits pel foc (Jaume Cabré) and Intel·ligència artificial. Com els algoritmes condicionen les nostres vides (Enric Senabre and Vicent Costa), Vivement le socialisme ! (Thomas Piketty) and Memoirs of a Mangy Lover (Groucho Marx), recommended by UOC President Josep A. Planell.
  • Janowitz (Salvador Macip), recommended by Teresa Fèrriz, from the Office of the President and Institutional Relations.
  • Despertar-me quan no dormo (Miquel Desclot), recommended by Joan Pujolar, member of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.
  • Zoòtrop (Lluís Gea. 2019 City of Badalona Prize winner) recommended by Lluís Gea, from the Contact Centre.
  • La mama se’n va a l’Antàrtida (Anna Cabré), recommended by Mar Satorras, member of the IN3’s TURBA Lab research group.
  • Mas rápido que una bala (Marcos Muñoz) and Abracadabra (Pepe Aracil).), recommended by Roser Leal, of Editorial UOC.
  • Contra la fam i la guerra and El meu camí cap a la utopia (Arcadi Oliveres), recommended by Maria Oliveres, from the UOC’s Mexico Office.
  • Enganchado (hooked): cómo construir productos y servicios exitosos que formen hábitos (Nir Eyal) and El efecto smartphone (Manuel Armayones), recommended by Manuel Armayones, development director of the eHealth Center.
  • Cartas a Antonia (Alfredo Molano), recommended by Jose Collazos, director of the UOC’s Colombia Office.
  • Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (Yuval Noah Harari), recommended by Ramon Martínez, from the Communications department.
  • L’estiu que comença (Sílvia Soler) and Algú com tu (Xavier Bosch), recommended by Montserrat Junyent, from the Office of the Deputy General Manager for Teaching.
  • El projecte fènix (Gene Kim), recommended by Marta López, from the Technology department.
  • La Laura i en Joan lluiten contra el canvi climàtic (5th-year primary, Escola Lumen) and Huertos de libertad (Gustavo Duch), recommended by Maria Heras, researcher at the IN3.
  • Los hombres de las sillas (Jordi Sierra), recommended by Martí Grau, son of Glòria Serra, from the Marketing department.
  • El camarot del capità (Màrius Carol) and Ikigai: Los secretos de Japón para una Vida larga y feliz (Francesc Miralles and Héctor García), recommended by Francisco Javier Agradano, from the Personnel department.
  • Tears of Salt: A Doctor’s Story (Pietro Bartolo), recommended by Judit Sánchez, from the UOC centre in Barcelona.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Jeff Kinney), recommended by Daniela Pons, daughter of Patricia Noguera, from the Faculty of Health Sciences.
  • Viu la història amb… El cavaller Jordi (Marie Morey), recommended by Jan Mangas, son of Marta López, from the Technology department.

Thanks to all those who recommended their favourite books!

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