Rethink “e-learning” ?

26 September, 2012

Whats the 'e' in eLearning

The accelerated pace of time  is easily recognizable in every aspect of our lives. The language is perhaps most prone to changes due to the rapid developments of technology which have permeated every sector, education and training included. Elliott Masie, the world-famous e-learning analyst, researcher, head of MASIE Center in New York area and one of those that first helped introduce the term a-Learning, closely follows shifts in the language of learning : what terms are used more, used differently or disppear with time. According to Masie, “e” in e-Learning is clearly vanishing, being often refered to as simply learning.
His observations and indicators of the trend, supported by the studies of the MASIE Center, have been recently published in Learning TRENDS by Eliott Masie, an online publication read by the audience of 50,000+ worldwide.

The Fading “e'” in e-Learning; Good Morning America and Midtown Men

Bob Little, who has been writing for over 20 years about learning with technology, basically agrees
with observation of the MASIE Center:

“Way back in the final years of the last century, when the term “eLearning” was in its infancy, there was general agreement that the term wouldn’t last. It was said, then, that either eLearning would be subsumed into the general corporate learning tools armoury and, thus, would lose its “special” nomenclature to just become part of “learning” (which appears to be the case) or it would be superseded by other, more advanced means of technology-delivered learning. This could also be true, as mobile learning grows both in popularity and technological capabilities. ”

For those of us who bear e-learning not only in our DNA but in our hearts and even in our names, we offer today this “food for thought” and for discussion (courtesy of Eliott Masie).

Emma Kiselyova, UNESCO Chair for e-Learning : )

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