International Literacy Day 2014 [UPDATED]

8 September, 2014

According to the latest OECD’s report, even in developed countries where access to higher education is widening, people are falling short of high levels of skills; other trends is that social mobility is slowing down. UK is a case in point and is said to face a skill gap which is bigger when it comes to numeracy.

Read more: UK has more graduates but without skills and social mobility to match


Literacy plays a crucial role in the creation of prosperous and peaceful societies. As an exemple to address the global problem of illiteracy which strikes many regions within the developing world and frustrates their development perspectives, the 2000 Dakar Framework for Action set the goal to increase literacy levels worldwide by 50 percent by the year 2015. Yet millions of adults and young learners around the world continue to struggle with low reading, writing and math skills. What proven innovative practices might be brought to scale?

Debate at WISE 2013 Summit

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