International Day for Older Persons: Leaving No One Behind

1 October, 2014
Barcelona: social movement “IaioFlautas” of senior citizens in a protest action (2013)

October 1 was set as the International Day for Older Persons by the United Nations in 1990, and each year the puts a different focus on it. This year theme is “Leaving No One Behind: Promoting a Society for All“.

Studies show that population over 65 is to grow all over the world due to advances in health care and living conditions that are leading to lower mortality and fertility rates. Instead of approaching it as a problem, socities can take advantage of the opportunities new demographics bring in. If the obsolete study-labor-retirement sequence is revisited, policy makers manage social protection wisely and societies change their mindsets towards older people, then Seniors’ talent can be leveraged in benefit of all.

Too often, older people are regarded as “no longer useful or productive”, and often become marginalized.

The society cannot afford to waste the valuable resource Seniors represent. And, certainly, we cannot leave them behind. Because of the importance of this topic, this UNESCO Chair is strongly committed to the research in the field of ageing and will keep working to improve the knowledge available and raise awareness of the elders’ key role in society.


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