How age, gender and social media converge in Hollywood

18 April, 2014

novak( a letter for a friend)

Hi! I remember how at your nice dinner party, we had been chatting about my new research on aging, and how women in Hollywood were especially vulnerable in this aspect.
The next thing, at the Oscar ceremony, 81-yrs-old Kim Novak – which had been an icon of beauty and talent for so many people worldwide – was publicly ridiculed for her looks by the audacious “hostess”.

This story has lived the most unexpected, hilarious consequence in social media as a “solidarity campaign” with Kim, picked up by British women and has yielded millions of UK pounds to the cancer research.
I am fascinated by the story. For me, it’s about the meaning of aging; how people become aware of “all the lies about aging” (comments are interesting, especially in the 1st article!); but also about the power of social networks and the rediscovered human solidarity.

I thought you might find it interesting, too, so I decided to share it.

Laura Lippman’s selfie ‘in solidarity’ with Kim Novak sets off tweet trend

#nomakeupselfie raises ‘unprecedented’ £8m for cancer research

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