Catalan UNESCO Chairs call attention to the Government with the Palau Robert Manifesto

27 May, 2015


The Catalan UNESCO Chairs held a meeting on May 6 in Barcelona to discuss the challenges Catalan UNESCO Chairs face in the economic crisis. A paper was presented summarizing the activities of Chairs in research, training and advocacy fields. In fact, UNESCO Chairs are the ones most severely hit by the cuts of the Catalan government and host universities.

One of the objectives of the meeting was to call attention to the Government of Catalonia. The regional government had been co-financing the UNESCO Chairs within its territory until 2013, when it stopped co-financing due to the harsh financial conditions of La Generalitat. To show strong concern with the government’s decision and to stress the importance of assistance to maintain existing UNESCO Chairs alive, the Palau Robert Manifesto was prepared and signed.

P.S.: Fortunately, there are some experiences of universities which know the value of UNESCO for ademica and society: this month, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is inaugurating a new UNESCO Chair on the Use of Technology for Multilinguism – TECLIN.

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