Upcoming Posthuman Seminar: “I lack air. Ecosophic reflections on an unbreathable world”. Dr. Mónica Cano Abadía

26 January, 2021

We are very pleased to announce the upcoming event of the Posthuman Seminars´ Series hold by Dr. Mónica Cano Abadía (research fellow of MEDUSA) entitled ‘I´m running out of air. Ecosophic reflections on an unbreathable world’. The event will take place through Google Meets the upcoming 15th February, 2021 at 4pm. To attend the online seminar please follow this link.

To know more about the Seminar:

Abstract: This seminar presents some considerations about an unbreathable world from an ecosophical perspective that takes into account three levels that intra-act: social, mental and environmental. Dr. Mónica Cano assumes, with Butler, that we are vulnerable beings and breathing is not given; The question about the ecosophic conditions of the breathability of life is therefore pertinent. Thus, reflections on the vulnerability of breathing in three aspects of life will be intertwined: 1) breathing and socio-corporal vulnerability, understanding breathing in its corporeal community inserted in a complex sociocultural framework; 2) environmental vulnerability and the question of the possibilities of breathability in the Anthropocene, taking into account various phenomena such as slow violence and the resistance of the proletarian lung; 3) mental vulnerability and anxious breaths, paying attention to eco-anxiety and a neo-Spinozian understanding of anxiety. Finally, we will echo Mbembe’s words when he claims the universal right to breathe.

About Dr. Mónica Cano Abadía: she is a Doctor in Philosophical Studies from the University of Zaragoza with a doctoral thesis on Judith Butler and the possibilities of social transformation. She has been a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Advanced Southeast European Studies (University of Rijeka, Croatia) and at the Institute of Philosophy (University of Graz, Austria). In her research interests, she intertwines the Butlerian perspective with critical posthumanisms and new feminist materialisms. She has studied with Rosi Braidotti at the Posthuman Ethics in the Anthropocene Summer School and at the Deleuze and Fascism seminar (University of Utrecth, The Netherlands). She is one of the organizers of the Seminar on Posthumanisms and New Materialisms at the University of Zaragoza. She currently teaches at the Master of Gender Studies (U. Graz) and works as an expert in bioethics at the BBMRI Research Infrastructure (a biobank of biomedical and biomolecular resources).

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