6 February, 2019

MEDUSA organizes a new Posthuman Seminar on February 20 at 4pm, which will be given by Dr. Adrià Voltes. This Seminar, like the previous ones, will take place at the CSIC-IMF headquarters in Egipcíaques street.

Adrià Voltes is a Doctor in Biomedicine specializing in Development Neurobiology (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Graduate in Genetics (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and member of Anthropology of Animal Life, Ethnozoology Studies Group (Institut Català d’Antropologia).

Sentient bodies, neuroscience and post-anthropocentrism.

Sentience is the ability of a body to have positive and negative experiences. The neurosciences present a favorable position, with a consense of increasing tendency, to the idea that animals, human or not, are sentient beings. At what point is the scientific debate on animal consciousness? How are and what are the sentient bodies? Sentience surpasses the human-animal binomial opening the way to the vision of a post-anthropocentric geography of vulnerability. Faced with the oppression of the non-human sentient life, neuroscience becomes a gap between knowledge and practices that at the same time offers analytical tools to guide multispecies coexistence and rethink ourselves in terms of sentient community.


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