Genders in Transition: Masculinities, Affects, and Bodies


The MEDUSA research group – Genders in transition: masculinities, affects, bodies and technoscience brings together researchers who carry out research in the field of genders, masculinities, affections, bodies and technoscience. Its goal is to advance in the exploration of these fields and their intersections and in critical reflection about them, from a non-essentialist, transitional viewpoint in accordance with feminist epistemologies.

We consider that post-humanism provides a useful epistemological framework for exploring new conceptual, heuristic and analytic models that take into account non-representational theories and consider the productivity of the intersection between genders, affects, bodies and technoscience, and the couplings in which they are immersed. We want to move research forward by carrying out empirical studies that foster a new look at the fields of research in which we work. We want to carry out impact research committed to societal return and focused on knowledge transfer. We adopt an interdisciplinary viewpoint that includes anthropology, sociology, social psychology and philosophy.


R+D+I Activity

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