Genders in Transition: Masculinities, Affects, and Bodies


The research group MEDUSA – Genders in transition: masculinities, affects and bodies (2021 SGR 00340) brings together researchers working in the fields of genders, masculinities, affects and bodies from an interdisciplinary perspective that includes anthropology, sociology, social psychology, political science, art history and philosophy. This group aims to advance the exploration of these fields from a critical social and humanistic perspective in order to analyze their contemporary intersections and their effects. 

From innovative theoretical and methodological perspectives such as feminist epistemologies (posthumanism, new materialisms and affective turns) we aspire to explore new conceptual, heuristic and analytical models that take into account non-representational theories and deal with the productivity of the intersections or assemblages between genders, affects and bodies. We want to advance in theoretical and empirical research by promoting a critical look committed to the world we are in and focused on knowledge transfer.


R+D+I Activity

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