Seminar on Transhumanism, Modernity and Capitalism.

4 January, 2020

Upcoming SEMINAR!

When? 10th February, 2020

Where? CSIC, Carrer de les Egipcíaques, 15, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

To be hold by Marcel Cano

The session will focus on two pillars that, in my opinion, articulate transhumanism. The first is rooted in the cosmovisional concepts that emerge in Western Culture from Modernity and Enlightenment. The second, directly linked to the former, is its relation to the economics and politics of capitalism and, in particular, the emergence of techno-science as a technical knowledge and practice of domination of the world and of human beings. In this way, we will first look at the deep roots of trans / posthumanism in modern and enlightened philosophers, with particular emphasis on how these proposals articulate their discourse around a new mythology: the idea of ​​progress. We will continue to seek to uncover the intimate connection that exists between this worldview and the economic and political practices that lead to the impulse to dominate and cosify everything that exists, whether it be Nature or human beings. At the same time, we will be addressing the nexus that connects trans / posthumanism to eugenics, whether liberal or totalitarian, and its deep relation to the next convergence of technologies.

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