Postdoc Opportunity at UOC- MEDUSA Research Group

10 December, 2021
At MEDUSA. Genders in Transition we have a vacancy for a postdoc position for 20,5 months that has just been published.
The selected candidate will become a member of the MEDUSA consolidated research group at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the UOC. She/he will work in research in the field of genders, masculinities, affections, bodies and technoscience, with the aim of advancing in the exploration of these fields and their intersections and critical reflection about them, from a non-essentialist, transitional viewpoint in accordance with feminist epistemologies.
Candidates must not have had any kind of relation with UOC for the last 2 years before the call. Please have this into consideration before applying.
The call is open until 14th January, 2022.
You can find the call and more information at: 
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