18 August, 2021

The MEDUSA Team Member, Researcher Maite Garbayo along with María Rosón are coordinating the next edition of RE-VISIONES Magazine of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 

In this edition of the magazine called ‘FEMINISMS: revolts and resistance tactics. Images of a world to come’ they invite all interested people and researchers to write and reflect on two conceptual areas:

1.  The way in which feminist revolts have intersected with artistic and cultural practices, proposing radical visualities and imaginaries: that interrupt patriarchy, that incorporate diverse modes of production, sometimes considered artisan and other (too) experimental or eccentric. Ephemeral productions, bodily implications that make appear other fields of sensation, textualities or media not colonized by heteropatriarchy. Interventions in the public space that are stressed from the intimate and the domestic, questioning that separation. The home, motherhood, as a practice and confinement space traditionally limited to women, but also as a possible framework for creation and resistance. The network and mutual support, collective memory and intersubjectivity as fundamental feminist tactics to create and imagine forms of life, organization and struggle.
2. Also, we will be interested in thinking about the concepts of revolt and resistance from feminist perspectives, both in the present and in their historical genealogies. Traditionally, the actions and knowledge of women and subordinates have not fit in what has been incorporated into the official historiography. Either because it does not correspond to a structured idea of ​​the political, or because its legacies and genealogies have not been considered sufficient to remain in the archives, or because its materials are created and designed from the ephemeral, without the desire to remain. We are interested in cultural practices, past and present, that reveal the tactics or tricks of the outcasts, understood by JC Scott as the “infra-politics of the underdog”, and that are usually popular cultural forms such as songs or rumors (among others), as strategies oblique resistance to power.
Date for receipt of proposals: September 13, 2021.
For more info on the call please check these two links:  

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