WILD, an automated moisture detection system – Video

18 May, 2020



The detection of moisture and liquid leakage is an essential step in quality assurance for a number of industries and the products they manufacture. The Wireless Networks (WINE) Research Group at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) has developed WILD, a reliable and cost-efficient automated water leakage system that reduces costs, minimizes risks and boosts productivity. This project is funded by the Catalan government, with the Llavor Grants, for innovative projects with the potential for being incorporated into the production sector.

The WINE research group studies how Internet-connected systems, integrating wireless, embedded, and sensor technologies, should be built to be integrated and survive in the future. In this sense, the group is specially focused on helping industries, cities, and people to benefit from Internet-enabled objects and contributing to create a more sustainable Internet of Things (IOT).


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