Kison: What does interdisciplinary mean to your research group?

26 June, 2019

In this series of video interviews, we explore the meaning of interdisciplinarity at the IN3.

“In our research topic ­—information security and privacy— our group needs to work together with social scientists (for example, with sociologists or experts in law) in order to consider a real-life problem. Then, we can develop a specific socio-technological solution to improve the security and privacy conditions in that scenario. That is something that requires a wide perspective that cannot be completely taken by engineering experts only.

Experts from different disciplines must work side by side during all the research process. By applying different methodologies and expertise, the research questions can be considered in a more holistic and realistic way. This makes it possible to obtain results that match social needs.”

David Megías

Director of the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) Research Centre
Professor in the Faculty of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications

Get to know the study of the Internet and the effects of the interaction between digital technologies and human activity at the IN3:

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