Angel A. Juan joins the Council of the I-Sim Society at INFORMS, a leading professional association in operations research and data analytics 

9 September, 2020

Angel A. Juan, head of the IN3’s ICSO (Internet Computing & Systems Optimization) research group and full professor at the UOC’s Faculty of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications, has been chosen to sit on the five-member Council of the I-Sim Society. The Society is part of the North American professional association INFORMS, a world leader in operations research and data analytics. Among its many activities, the Society organizes the prestigious Winter Simulation Conference, the world’s number-one forum for the dissemination of the latest advances in the field of systems simulation

Juan has the honour of being the only Council member from a university outside the United States, a fact which increases the visibility of the UOC and the ICSO group in this field in both Europe and abroad. His appointment will help open doors to new collaborations with other research groups who are breaking new ground in RDI and is an excellent opportunity for attracting new talent to the UOC and sparking interest among potential industrial partners. 


Operations research and data analytics

Operations research and data analytics use mathematical and computational methods such as simulation, optimization algorithms and machine learning to aid in complex decision-making. They can be applied in fields such as logistics and transport, finance and economy, telecommunications, critical infrastructure management or smart cities. 

The aim is to transform data into information and knowledge that can be used to make optimal decisions, for instance, to design more sustainable systems that consume less energy or to minimize costs and time investment in complex projects. 



The DPCS-ICSO group currently focuses its research on two main lines: the use of algorithms and software solutions to mediate complex decision-making, the development of scalable distributed and parallel computing systems, and the design of collaborative systems and applications.

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