We’re looking for people to present the latest instalment of La UOC en viu! Are you interested?


La UOC en viu! will be back in April, with a new format and whole load of surprises. This live broadcast aims to help us catch up and reconnect with all the other members of staff at the UOC.

And we’re looking for presenters. So, if you’re into acting or have experience working on TV or radio, don’t think twice and let us know by writing to cominterna@uoc.edu. Because who better than a member of the UOC’s staff to anchor this broadcast, and help us find out more about the people who work at the University. And if you’ve got any ideas or suggestions, let us know!

We’ll provide more details soon. What we can guarantee is that we’ll all have a great time together, just like we did on the last three occasions. If you missed them, you can catch up on them here:

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