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Stress, anxiety, doubt? Being under lockdown can be hard, and the UOC wants you to know we are here for you.

Alba Pérez and Adrián Montesano, members of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, and Antoni Baena, member of the Faculty of Health Sciences, have put together a series of tips to help deal with the current unprecedented circumstances:

  • Face up to the situation positively
  • Don’t overload yourself with the news
  • Establish routines: keep to a schedule and build good habits
  • Connect with people online: have videoconferences and stay in touch
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle: do exercise, eat healthily and get enough sleep
  • Communicate as a family
  • Deal with worries: think what you can do about things you’d like to change and what you can’t

The situation we are in can be stressful. Even if we are in good health, we may be going through wide-ranging or perhaps conflicting emotions. If you would like some support in these challenging times, our online Psychological Help Service (available in Catalan, Spanish and English) is at hand.

Furthermore, the eHealth Center has taken to Twitter to offer advice and resources that can help protect us against COVID-19. Follow #eHCovid19UOC and #IStayHome to get all the latest.

Stay strong, we’ll find our way through!

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