We have already released ‘Shh, We’re Working: The Series’. What do you think of the first chapter?


Wednesday 20 November was the premiere screening of Shh, We’re Working: The Series. The first episode poses a topical question: should we be more digital?

Our coworkers in Latin America

Speak your mind!

To leave comments giving praise – everyone loves a compliment, and your colleagues deserve it – or your thoughts on the project as a whole, go to its bespoke website, which is also the repository for the whole campaign. It has the videos and photos from the casting sessions, the teaser video, and all the episodes will be posted there over the next few weeks.

Remember that we invite you to take photos of yourselves with the big names of the moment. Send your photo with a star of the show to cominterna@uoc.edu. We’ll be publishing them in the staff blog, Tots som UOC!

At 22@ office
In a meeting room at 22@ office
Castelldefels office
Tibidabo office
UOC X office
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