UOC welcome for new members of staff!


We ended June by welcoming people who have recently joined the UOC with long-term or permanent contracts.

The latest institutional welcome session took place on 21 July, and was attended by the President, Josep A. Planell, the Executive Board, and 13 new members of staff:

  • Esther Nieto (eLearn Center)
  • Gerard Ferrer (Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences)
  • Jesús Ballesteros (Personnel Department)
  • Montserrat Clèries (General Management Office)
  • Jorge Fernández (Data Office)
  • Daniel Moscatel (Business Development)
  • Jordi Vidiella (Legal Office)
  • Carlos López (Contact Centre)
  • Gal·la Luque (Contact Centre)
  • Laura Llimona (Contact Centre)
  • Cristina Medina (Contact Centre)
  • Jennifer Montes (Contact Centre)
  • Andrés Reina (Contact Centre)

At this meeting, which is held once a month, President Planell highlighted the success of the UOC’s educational model, how being a privately managed public university allows us to continue growing and hiring new talent, and how COVID-19 has forced us to reconsider many things, including a new way of working.

An explanation of the UOC’s mission, business model (prism model and quadruple helix) and its main internal collectives (faculties, research centres and administrative staff) was provided by Antoni Cahner, the General Manager.

Marta Aymerich, Vice President for Strategic Planning and Research, explained the main challenges relating to the Strategic Plan the UOC’s research ecosystem. Carles Sigalés, Vice President for Teaching and Learning, gave explanations of teaching responsibilities and the profile of our teaching team.

After that the floor was opened to for the new members of staff to pose questions, make comments and share impressions.

We welcome you all and wish you every success here at the UOC!

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