Take part in the UOC’s 25th anniversary celebration with your photo memories!


A lot can happen in 25 years, so most of you are bound to have captured at least some cherished memories in photos during your time at the UOC, whether you were among the first to join its staff or are a relative newcomer. Because, let’s face it, who isn’t snapping shots of all their special moments and other memory-making experiences, and at work too? You know it’s true!

Now, thanks to your picture memories, you too can be part of our University’s history! We invite you to join the latest collaborative initiative that we are rolling out within the 25 years programme: an augmented reality-enhanced exhibition through which everyone, from the comfort of their own homes, can celebrate the UOC’s 25th anniversary.

Send us your most emblematic photo, the one that best captures the spirit of the UOC’s quarter-century celebration or the feelings that it sparks in you. Rather than focusing only on the ‘historical’, we want the exhibition to be inclusive, so the present should feature, too, and we don’t want to overlook any important experiences that took place amidst the pandemic last year either.

We especially encourage you to share any stills that you might have taken of a symbolic item, or even to convey a visual metaphor. Albums that you posted at some point and have a link to are also welcome, as are photos of group events such as staff parties or in-person gatherings with students. We currently have all the photos that we received to put together the desktop calendar. They are an excellent point of departure!

Upload your photo using this form and let us know why you chose it. You have until 27 May.

After that, you will be able to browse through all the photos and help us decide which ten finalists should be included in the virtual environment that we are designing together with Immersium Studio using augmented reality technology. This way, you will be able to bring the 25th anniversary exhibition home with you before the summer. Now get to it!

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