Saying goodbye in times of coronavirus


Who among us has not been close to someone affected by COVID-19’s deadly toll? This disease has thrown not only our ways of life into disarray, but also the way people die. 

How can we deal with being unable to say goodbye to loved ones? Tragically, there were thousands of people who, during the initial stages of the pandemic, died without family members beside them.

El duelo en tiempos de la COVID-19 (Mourning during the coronavirus crisis) is the first video in a series titled Reflexiones sobre Psicología y COVID-19 (Reflections on psychology and COVID-19). It’s an interview between Adrián Montesano, who organized the series and is a member of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, and UOC researcher Alba Pérez, who offers advice on beginning a mourning process that can help us accept our loss.

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