Digital Translations and the Production of Knowledge about China: Ethnography and Action Research

Seminar | The Sociology of the Spanish Translation of Dream of the Red Chambers, by Zhou Sirui

Researcher Zhou Sirui, from Beijing Language and Culture University, shared with DT members her current research on the sociological analysis of the Spanish translation and publication of the classical novel Sueño en el pabellón rojo (The Dream of the Red Chambers).

During the seminar, conducted online, Zhou offered the quantitative and qualitative keys of her research on the history of the translation of classical Chinese literature in Spain. After identifying the different phases in the arrival of classical Chinese literature in Spain, she introduces the analysis of sociological factors entangled in the process by focusing on Sueño en el pabellón rojo, which was translated into Spanish by Zhao Zhenjiang and José Antonio García Sánchez and revised by Alicia Relinque, and by applying a new analyltical model based on Bourdieu’s sociological theory.

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