Digital Translations and the Production of Knowledge about China: Ethnography and Action Research

Charting literary translator collaborations in digital contexts: A landscape, by Maialen Marin-Lacarta

The journal Translation in Society has published a new research article by DigiTrans’ PI Maialen Marin-Lacarta, “Charting literary translator collaborations in digital contexts: A landscape“.

This article, published in open access, is the result of one of the main lines of the DigiTrans China Project, which focuses on collaborative modes of literary translation.

This article “explores collaboration in literary translation, suggesting a wider understanding of the translation process to also examine collaboration in various stages […]. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork conducted for two research projects, the article outlines five literary translator collectives that have emerged outside of professional associations and that reflect changes in the publishing field. It discusses their origins, activities and modes of collaboration”.

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