Child interacting with an iPad (header background image)
Focus on children-technology interaction

Child Tech Lab

Focus on children-technology interaction

We are interested in studying children’s behaviour (emotional expression, private speech, active engagement, attention, achievements, etc.) in their playing and learning process and the influence of their peers in these processes.

In kindergartens in the UK, as subsequently in Brazil and Spain, we began developing a non-invasive research setting to collect data on children from 18 months in kindergarten classrooms and exploring technological innovations (e.g. artificial intelligence) to improve this research method.

This attempt to set up a child-friendly research setting in an ethical and effective way is the first of its kind at the international level.

Over the next few years, our aims are to strengthen international collaboration and to advance theory and empirical knowledge on the use of learning analytics and computer vision solutions for designing and implementing a rigorous non-invasive multimodal microanalysis for early child learning and development research.

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