Transdisciplinary research on contemporary social challenges

Between the desire to learn and the passion for history. Narratives in the contemporary university.


Date and time:

July 27, 2023, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.


Interdisciplinary Research Hub, Open University of Catalonia
Rambla del Poblenou, 154, 08018 Barcelona


This seminar aims to create a space for reflection on university education in the 21st century, based on the recent publication “Between the Desire to Learn and the Passion for History: Narratives in the Contemporary University” (2023, RiL Editores), authored by Patricia Hermosilla-Salazar, a lecturer at the University of Chile.

It is a narrative study conducted at a longstanding Catalan university, with the aspiration of delving into the experience of teaching and learning medieval history through the shared narratives of a prominent lecturer and researcher, along with some of their students. This reflection focuses on what makes the university a livable place, a space with meaning and significance, where desires and passions for knowledge find a place.

Acknowledging the individual and collective need to learn from one another, without disregarding the critical thinking that is essential in university education, in order to engage in the construction of a common world. Through this colloquium, we aim to contribute to the discussion by addressing some of the challenges faced by the university institution, which require a creative perspective that opens up real space for new questions.

This event is organized by the research group Nodes of the Open University of Catalonia.


Patricia Hermosilla Salazar

The author of the book: Between the Desire to Learn and the Passion for History. Narratives in the Contemporary University
Doctor in Pedagogy
Lecturer at the University of Chile

Marta Caramés Boada
Doctor in Pedagogy
Supervisor of teams and Technician in the Sensellar Program at Caritas Barcelona

Susana Orozco Martínez
Doctor in Pedagogy
Lecturer at the University of Barcelona

Amalia Creus Quinteros
Doctor in Visual Arts
Lecturer at the Open University of Catalonia


The seminar is open to all audiences. Admission is free and requires registration through the following form: Registration Form.

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