Transdisciplinary research on contemporary social challenges

We are Nodes

Nodes is a research group based at the Open University of Catalonia that investigates contemporary social challenges from a transdisciplinary perspective, integrating three main focuses of interest: communication, education and urban planning.

We do research from a critical approach considering the intrinsic relationship between ontology, epistemology, methodology and ethics, designing research projects where people participation and co-creation are uppermost.

Research lines


Understand the different dimensions of diversity, gender and the processes of visibility and invisibility, inclusion and social exclusion, focusing on its configuration in contemporary urban, educational and communicative dynamics.


Analyze educational, urban and communicative practices from their ethical dimension, paying special attention to the role of technologies in their configuration and social impact.


Investigate the role of public policies and political and social movements in the fields of education, urban planning and communication, to understand their impact on the processes of transformation and social change.


Explore the role of discourses, media, design, visual culture and urban cartography in the constitution of social imaginaries and practices.

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