Genders in Transition: Masculinities, Affects, and Bodies

Miquel Seguró Mendlewicz



Miquel Seguró Mendlewicz ( holds a PhD in Philosophy from Universitat Ramon Llull, with mention of European Doctorate, and a degree in Humanities from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. He has completed pre-doctoral research stays at P. Università Gregoriana (Rome, 2008-2009) and Albert-Ludwigs-Universität (Freiburg Im Breisgau, 2010), and post-doctoral research stays at Université Paris Descartes-Sorbonne (Paris, 2018) and Università La Sapienza (Rome, 2019). He has also regularly visited the Universität Basel for specific research projects.

After some years of eminently theoretical research, he has tried to concretize it in actions of knowledge transfer in the context of teaching and practical philosophy, so that at present his field of work and research are developed both in the theoretical field (works of metaphysical, ethical, and political foundations) and in the practical field (teaching innovation, good practice guides, decision-making frameworks, bioethics…).

He combines his teaching activity as a professor (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya; Universitat Ramon Llull) and academic research with scientific publishing at Editorial Herder, where he leads the journal Argumenta Philosophica. He also collaborates in “Aquí amb Josep Cuní” (SER Catalunya) and “Para todos la 2” (TVE), and he writes articles for different newspapers.



Publications (since 2017):


  • Seguró Mendlewicz, M. (2021). Vulnerabilidad. Herder Ed.

  • Seguró Mendlewicz, M. (2018). La vida también se piensa. Herder Ed. – ltalian translation: Anche la vita si pensa, Mimesis Ed., 2021.

  • Seguró Mendlewicz, M. (2018). En clau de procés. Herder Ed.

  • Seguró Mendlewicz, M. (2017). ¿Dónde vas Europa? Herder Ed. – 2 Ed. 2019.

Book chapters:

  • Seguró Mendlewicz, M. (2020). Paradoxes del concepte ‘sobirania’. Eixamplar la democràcia (ed., Jordi Amat), Barcelona, Enciclopèdia Catalana, pp. 191-194.


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  • Sustainable ethical decision making
in groups: guidelines for operationalising
a proposal by Jürgen Habermas  Marc Correa Domènech, Miquel Seguró Mendlewicz  201578 – Ramon Llull Journal of Applied Ethics – 2013-8393 2019 1 10 pp. 37 pp. 59

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Postdoctoral Research Stays:

  • Sorbonne (Paris), 4 trimestre de 2018
  • Sapienza (Roma), 2 trimestre de 2019
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