Genders in Transition: Masculinities, Affects, and Bodies

Agnès Vayreda



Agnès Vayreda ( is Associate Professor, Director of the Humanities Degree since 2014 at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Representative of the UOC in the Women and Science Commission at the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia (2006_2013) and Director of the Rector on gender equality (2010-2013). I highlight two lines of research linked to the MEDUSA research group. One methodological: the analysis of discourse as a tool for critical analysis of social discourses whose main objective is to link the linguistic with the individual, the historical and the social-structural, to mix the analysis and the denunciation. A second linked to the study and exploration of gender relations in the context of science with the aim of denouncing the reproduction of forms of structural violence specific to neoliberal rationality.


Publications (since 2017):

  • González, A., Conesa, E. & Vayreda, A. (2016). El impacto de las prácticas neo-gerencialistas en las trayectorias científicas de hombres y mujeres en tiempos de crisis. Investigaciones feministas. Vol.7 p. 67-87.
  • Vayreda, A; Conesa, E; Revellez, B & González, A. (2019). Subjectivation processes and gender in a neoliberal model of science in three Spanish research centers. Gender, work and organization.
  • Vayreda, A. (2021). Ensayo de una aproximación a la subjetividad desde una ontología relacional: el caso del ‘científico-empresario’. Martí & B. Enguix (eds.), Pensar la antropología en clave posthumanista. Editorial: Colección “Biblioteca de Antropología”, Madrid: CSIC.
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