Snaphots of what UOC colleagues are doing as they #StayAtHome


With Spain’s government imposing a state of emergency because of COVID-19, there’s no other option but to stay home.

So how are we dealing with it? A few days ago we asked you to send us photos showing how you’re passing the days, be it alone or with family or children, how you’re going about your work and what else you’re doing with your day.

Now we’ve received a first batch of pics, which show a great diversity of home environments! Some people have managed to recruit some great new personal assistants, some have been enjoyed being closer to their kitchens, while others have had things to celebrate, or have been playing board games or enjoying craftwork with the kids. It seems the lockdown has taken our ingenuity to new levels!

How about you, will you share a snap of your lockdown? Send us your photos via WhatsApp to (+34) 619710537 and we’ll add them to our weekly #StayAtHome post. By sharing and putting our minds together we can find more ways to lighten the daily load!

Check out the photos!

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