New year, new year’s resolutions!


Many of us have probably set ourselves new challenges for the new year that has just begun. But, despite our best intentions and level of motivation, a shortage of time or the demands of daily life can often stop us from achieving what we set out to do or change.

There’s no point setting yourself the goal of quitting smoking, exercising more or learning a language if you’re not quite sure about it or don’t approach it in a positive way.

That’s why you should set yourself realistic challenges. Never-ending lists of new year’s resolutions are counterproductive. You’ll feel overwhelmed by the impossibility of achieving them all and you’ll end up giving up.

However, kicking off the year doing everything you can to improve your physical and mental health is definitely something you should consider including in your new year’s resolutions. If you too think this is the best way to start 2022, read on, because we have set out below our ideas for healthy resolutions to start the new year with.

Commit to healthy eating

The new year is a good time to consider leading a healthy and balanced life. Healthy eating is one of the key ways to help your body regenerate and provide you with the defences you need. In any case, if this is one of the ideas you’re considering, you should do it gradually.

You can start by including healthier foods in your diet, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, gradually rejecting processed foods. Similarly, if your aim is to lose weight, you must follow a gradual weight loss plan to help you keep the weight off afterwards.

Whatever your goal is, you can check out the winter diets in the Nutrition section of the UOC Health website, which have been designed by a professional nutritionist to supplement the nutrition workshops held last November as part of Health Week.

Do more exercise

One of the healthiest challenges you can set yourself is to do more exercise. The Health and Safety Service has organized a variety of healthy activities that you will find in the following videos from the most recent Health Week:

If this isn’t enough, check out the UOC Health website!

What about joining a gym? This may not be the best time, because of the pandemic. However, if it’s still on your list, first think carefully about whether you will really have the time and motivation to go on a regular basis.

Instead, you can choose outdoor exercise alternatives, such as walking, hiking or cycling. The aim is to avoid as much as possible the sedentary lifestyle that so many of us are used to.

Rest and relax

Our hectic lives often prevent us from getting the rest we need. Using times of relaxation to your advantage will help recharge your energy. In addition, you should get at least six to eight hours’ sleep every night, and making the most of your leisure time with friends and family will enrich your life and make you feel more mentally relaxed.

Furthermore, pursuing a hobby can help boost your creativity. Doing activities that you really enjoy will improve your mental health by giving you great personal satisfaction.

In any case, remember that achieving a healthy lifestyle is up to you, and 2022 is a great time to do it.

Happy New Year!

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