Members of the UOC community discuss the past, present and future


At the UOC we’re celebrating 25 years of fostering talent and generating and connecting knowledge, and we have launched a promotional campaign to explain it to everybody, which we’re sure you will find interesting.

Among other actions, we have published present-day conversations and accounts with roots in the past and blooms in the future. Don’t miss the reflections offered by students, members of faculty and alumni!

Access the five conversations:

1. El futuro de la educación. El momento del online (The future of education. Online’s time)

Two educators who have ties to the University and have carried out projects and garnered experience in the sector discuss the commitment made in the field of teacher training to lifelong learning and, specifically, online education.

2. Derechos humanos e igualdad. Un horizonte posible (Human rights and equality. A possible horizon)

A student and a social entrepreneur reflect on how a university should position itself to have social impact and they express their concerns about gender-based injustices and inequalities.

3. Transformación digital. Un desafío global (Digital transformation. A global challenge)

An alumnus and a student from the field of digital technologies discuss society’s digital transformation.

4. Salud digital. Más humanos gracias a la tecnología (Digital health. More human thanks to technology)

A health professional interested in how health can be humanized with the use of technologies talks with a professional who is concerned about mental health issues.

5. Emprendimiento rural. Una alternativa con futuro (Rural entrepreneurship. An alternative with a future)

Two inquisitive and highly educated students who are working on entrepreneurial projects in the rural scope talk about the entrepreneurial and employability needs of this sector and how the COVID-19 crisis has heightened them.

Over the last 25 years, everything has changed more than we could possibly imagine. And things will continue to change, even more quickly and in ways we cannot yet know, but we can imagine them and we can even create them!

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