In-house videos sharing COVID-19 information


Knowledge is key to the transformation of society. And in the middle of a pandemic, this truth applies even more. While medical research is helping us in the quest to overcome COVID-19, here at the UOC we want to add to those efforts, contributing our expertise. The more we know about coronavirus, the better we can protect ourselves.

Therefore, a team of public health professionals and experts from the UOC Faculty of Health Sciences, led by Marta Aymerich, Vice President for Strategic Planning and Research, has produced a series of videos sharing information on COVID-19. Here are the first four videos – don’t miss them!

How does the contagion of COVID-19 happen and how can we avoid it? Marta Aymerich provides detailed explanations of how the virus is transmitted, conditions that facilitate contagion, and protective measures we should take to avoid contagion.



How effective are the vaccines? Salvador Macip explains how the only way to get the better of coronavirus involves the vaccines, and that despite the fact that they were developed in record time, this was done using a well-established technology, and the vaccines have an effectiveness rating of 90%.



What are the symptoms of COVID-19 and what risk factors can lead to complications? Dr Oriol Yuguerro, a course instructor collaborating with the Faculty of Health Sciences, tells us about which symptoms to look out for in order to avoid spreading the virus.



Digital health solutions during the pandemic and beyond. Carme Carrion explains how the current health crisis has accelerated the digitalization of many process, although the health applications that have appeared are not enough to keep track of COVID-19 and control outbreaks of illness.



Did you like them? Could they be useful to other people? Share them! Working together we’ll get through this!

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