Don’t let yourself get bored during the lockdown!


During this period of lockdown, we’ll be sharing activities and advice with you to make life easier and keep you healthy.

No doubt, at times, you feel overwhelmed by the lockdown. Here are six tips to help ease the stress:

  • Eat healthily. Eating well, with lots of fruit, vegetables and natural produce, helps keep you healthy, and that’ll make you feel better.
  • Find things to laugh about. Watch funny films, tell each other jokes or look back on fun times spent with your families. Laughing helps take the weight off your mind and leads to positive physical changes in your body.
  • Don’t get tied up in yourself. Some people turn in on themselves when they’re under stress. Try to avoid this by keeping in contact with people either in person or online.
  • Note down your thoughts and activities each day. Keeping a journal of what’s going on can help release feelings you’re keeping bottled up and can help you come to terms with things.
  • Keep to daily routines. This will help keep your mind busy and you won’t see the lockdown as a waste of time.
  • Limit the amount of time you spend on keeping up with the news and make sure it’s coming from reliable sources. Stay informed, but try not to get obsessed. Don’t be constantly trying to find out the latest news; this will only make you more anxious.

And remember, with each day that passes, we’re a day closer! We’ll get through this!

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