About MOOCs Observatory

Like many of our readers, we have been following the phenomenon of Massive Open Online Courses since 2008, when it was in its incipient phase and did not have this buzz and fame around its name. Today, the amount of information about MOOCs is overwhelming and keeps growing like a snowball. So we tried to organize this huge and diverse set of content and share our files.
We aimed not to just be present on the trail but trying to sort it out, to structure related issues into some meaningful categories: origins, timeline, open access, pedagogy, evaluation&credits, business models, research, students perspective etc. There will be no particular order in releasing the blocks, just like there is no logic in actual development on the field – or at least in the relentless flow of news about it. “To see and wait” mode or “incremental approach” just does not serve well here, hence we decided to jump on with Business Models.

This is a beta version, and we would be grateful to receive any comments, critique, suggestions how to make this page better. Or even get some  materials shared by you. Thank you for your advice!

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