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With this workshop we were trying to make a first exploration of Ageing issues with a multidimensional, multidisciplinary approach to the phenomenon which is growing from a demographic problem to a global phenomenon.

The workshop was organized jointly with IN3 (UOC’s Internet Interdisciplinary Institute) and was sponsored by Obra Social La Caixa via the Internationalization at Home program, with the participation of experts in different disciplines from Spain, UK, USA, Austria, Poland, France, Ireland and Japan. Its goal was to provide a meeting point for discerning about aging, understood from different perspectives of disciplines and world regions and different levels of analysis, to name just few: modern gerontology, sociology, anthropology, neuroscience, technology, healthcare, social networking, political participation.

Since 2014 we have been participating in events held by IN3 and others, such as the Seminar on Older People and Social Media, the Workshop on Older People, Social Media and Isolation, the Seminar on Research on aging and mobility in the era of Big Data, and others.

Ageing seen from municipal Barcelona’s policy became master’s thesis of Gerard Domínguez-Reig, Coordinator of this Chair, whose work summary was presented in a IN3 seminar in March 2015 (link to video here) named Policy and Innovation: Reshaping Public Policy for Older People from the Local Government.

We believe ageing will become an important dimension of modern world’s challenges, not unlike the climate change. In not so distant future, society will face a strong call for changes and innovation in social and economic policies.



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