Research group on Social Transformation and Communication


Agora is an interdisciplinary research group that focuses on citizens’ access to the public sphere in the context of the digital society, with a vocation for interuniversity and intersectoral collaborations taking roots in society.

As a main objective, the group addresses challenges in relation to communication as a public good in a context of rapid technological changes and given the need for an urgent reaffirmation of democratic values.

At the center of our attention we find the growing inequalities, controversies and contradictions that illustrate the crisis of the concept of social justice, seen as a reference in the construction of a democratic ideal. Our research interest is particularly directed at groups or collectives that stand on the margins of the hegemonic public sphere.

We carry out research projects deepening concepts and theories, as well as translating them into specific social actions, always from a gender perspective.

We collaborate with associations and groups with whom we share aspirations for positive social change, and we understand research as a tool at the service of and with an impact on society.

So far, the team members that make up Agora have done research on youth, the elderly and women (especially those made invisible and minoritized in the public sphere, such as Wikipedia editors, and even in marginal situations, such as sex workers).

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