Genders in Transition: Masculinities, Affects, and Bodies

Krizia Nardini



PhD Candidate: Krizia Nardini


Information and Knowledge Society (IKS)

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Thesis Director: Dr. Begonya Enguix, UOC

Thesis Committee: Dr. Begonya Enguix, UOC; Dr. Iris van der Tuin, Utrecht University, The Netherlands; Dr. Jeff Hearn Örebro University, Sweden.



Work with with GENI-ESRU (Department of Anthropology, UB), Nov-July

  • Tasks: coordination, logistics, research and teaching assistance.

Thesis work delivered

Draft chapters writing

Update literature review

Additional International Training

(Sept-Oct 2016) Short Visiting Stay at the CSMM (Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities) at Stony Brook University, New York.


Consultancy for MenEngageEurope at the EIGE Consultation meeting, Vilnius, Jan 2017

International Congress Men in MevementII: Resilient, resistant and changing masculinities in uncertain times, 5-6/12/2016, Società Geografica Italiana, Rome, Italy.

Presentation “Men’s engagement in gender justice in Europe” at the GBV-prevention ONG “Breakthrough” (NYC), Oct 2016.


Guest lecture “Estudios de género y de hombres, cuestionando la masculinidad abstracta” within the course “Gender and identity”, Department of Anthropology, May 2017

Training delivered “A mi también me afecta. Lo que podemos aprender de los hombres por la igualdad para la educación sexo-afectiva de los chicos” at the Centre Joves d’Atenció a les Sexualitats (CJAS), March 2017

(Barcelona, 2017) Cuerpos y manifestaciones de afecto entre hombres en la campaña virtual de AHIGE “Hombres por la diversidad afectivo-sexual y familiar” Seminar series Anthropology of the body of the Catalan Institute of Anthropology (ICA) 25/10/2017


(Belgrade 2017) Workshop delivered with Jan Reynders (MEE) BoysTalk2017: Engendering an intersectional conversation that matter at the international conference Man2017: Europe Talks on Masculinity, 5-7 June 2017.

(Göttingen 2017) Posthuman subjectivity: deterritorializing majoritarian masculinity and the potentialities of the feminist becoming-woman of men, 26-30/03/2017 SIEF2017 13th Congress: Göttingen, Germany.

  • panel co-organized with Dr. Begonya Enguix

(Rome 2016) Men’s gender-conscious antiviolence activism: moving change, tensions and resistances, presented at the International Workshop Nardini co-organized with Begonya Enguix and Paco Abril (UOC) Men In Movement II, Resilient, resistant and changing masculinities in uncertain times, 5-5/12/2017 Rome, Italy.


Nardini K., (2017). Gender justice in the Euro-Mediterranean area: Strengthening the role of women in society by engaging men and boys, in Visions and actions to promote gender equality in the Mediterranean Report, Union for the Mediterranean.

Nardini K.; Ciccone, S. (2017). Reading through Trans/formations, Resiliencies and Reconfigurations of Masculinities: Approaches and Practices, AboutGender, Vol. 6 N° 11 anno 2017, pp. I-XXVII

  • Co-editing of the special issue of AboutGender on masculinities with Ciccone.

Nardini, K. (2017). La segunda edición de “Men in Movement”, en Roma, Revista Hombres Igualitarios, January 2017.

Nardini, K. (2016). Men’s Networking for Gender Justice: Thinking through G/Local Strategies Starting from the Italian and Spanish Cases in Journal of Men’s Studies: Official Journal of American Men’s Studies Association (October 2016; 24-3).



Work with CJAS (Centre Joves d’Atenció a les Sexualitats), August 2017-present

  • Implementation of the GBV-prevention and GBV-intervention protocol during nightlife (various locations), “NOesNo” outreach and intervention campaign
  • Programme SIRIAN: community-based sexual and reproductive health education.

Thesis work delivered

Chapters writing

Dissertation complete and editing

Additional training

April 2018 Art-therapy methodologies in GBV prevention and intervention, ONG SiempresVivas

20-22/11/2017 IV New Materialism training school, New Materialism COST Action, Barcelona


Workshops delivered for CJAS (Centre Joves d’Atenció a les Sexualitats) for the sexual-affective education of teenagers, different locations Barcelona area

New Materialism training school workshop delivered with Dr. Felicity Colman and Dr. Begonya Saez Tajafuerze “The Body and Politics via a New Materialism algorithmic lens” at the IV New Materialism COST Action training school, 20-22/11/2017 Barcelona


TEDxBarcelonaWomen talk delivered “In search of (the) real men”, 30/11/2018, Barcelona.

Invited consultant at the final conference of the IMAGINE EU-project Engaging Boys and Young Men in the Age of #MeToo, Amsterdam, 13 June 2018

Participation in AMSA (American men’s studies association) board (since march 2018)

Consultancy for MenEngageEurope at the EIGE Consultation meeting, Vilnius, Jan 2018

International Congress Men in Movement III: Decolonising Masculinities: (re)configuring bodies, affects and politics, 16-17/11/2017 Barcelona


(Tunis, 2018) Promoting Gender Justice in the Mediterranean Area “Rethinking the Euro-Mediterranean cultural partnership”, 16-18 November, Tunis (invited speaker).


Nardini, K. (forthcoming) Book Review of “Dislocating Masculinity” by Cornwall and Lindisfarne 1994, en B. Enguix et al (2018). Hombres en Movimiento: Representaciones, Políticas y Cuidados, QuAderns ICA, Pol·len Edicions

Nardini, K. (forthcoming). “Esta también es nuestra lucha”: cuestionar la LGTBfobia por parte de los Hombres por la igualdad en España y cómo esto afecta su (micro)politica de masculinidad, en QuAderns ICA, Pol·len Edicions

Nardini K.; Enguix, G.; Abril, P. (forthcoming). Hombres en Movimiento: Representaciones, Políticas y Cuidados, QuAderns ICA, Pol·len Edicions.

  • Co-editing of the issue Hombres en Movimiento QuAderns ICA, Pol·len Edicions.

Nardini, K. Luque, L.; Clua L. (2018). I tu Com Lligues?Talleres de educación afectivo-sexual impartidos a adolescentes por el CJAS de Barcelona, Diálogos. Número: Nº 111 (Marzo 2018), Madrid: Federación de Planificación Familiar Estatal. p. 12-14.

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