Genders in Transition: Masculinities, Affects, and Bodies

Christina Maraboutaki


Christina Maraboutaki comes from the fields of law, sociology, and political science with a specific and clear interest in gender studies. She is currently a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy, undertaking a research project on the institutional and public responses to gender and sexual violence in the last few decades in Greece and the role of the feminist/women’s movements and LGBTQ community in informing and shaping them. 

In 2021 she received her PhD from Sapienza, University of Rome. In her doctoral thesis, “Technology and (the Promise of) Pleasure: A Study on Gender, Sexuality and Subjectivity from a Posthuman Perspective”, written under the joint supervision of Prof. Caterina Romeo (Sapienza, Università di Roma) and the Prof. Begonya Enguix Grau (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya), Christina examined the use of robotics, artificial intelligence technology and virtual reality technology by the sex industry. Her work focused on the feminization and sexualization of cutting-edge technology while providing a political analysis of the imagined future of sexuality.

Christina also holds an MSc in gender and sexuality studies from Birkbeck, University of London, UK, an MA in political science and sociology and an LLB in law, both from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.

Since 2016 she is a member of the Athens Bar Association.



Book chapters:

Maraboutaki, C. (2022). The Sex Robots Are (Still) Coming: Gender and Sexual Implications of the Sex Robot Business. Gianfranco Crupi, Filomena Diodato, Stefano Gensini, Cristiano Pesaresi, Caterina Romeo and Silvia Toscano (eds.). Quaderni del Dottorato in Scienze documentarie, linguistiche e letterarie 1. Prismi. Rome: Ledizioni, pp. 257-271.

Maraboutaki, C. (2022). Digisexualities 2.0. Anna Engelhardt and Ilan Manouach (eds.). Chimeras: Inventory of Synthetic Cognition. Athens: Onassis Publications, pp. 338-340.

Maraboutaki, C. (2021). Φύλο και σεξουαλικότητα: το έγκλημα του βιασμού στον ελληνικό Ποινικό Κώδικα [Gender and sexuality: the crime of rape in the Greek Criminal Code]. Dina Vaiou, Georgia Petraki and Maria Stratigaki (eds.). Έμφυλη βία – Βία κατά των γυναικών. [Gender-based violence – Violence against women]. Athens: Alexandria Publications, pp. 25-36.



Participation in congresses:

Maraboutaki, C. (2019). “Virtual Reality Pornography; How Gender Comes to Matter When Technology Crafts the Body. A Critical Interpretation of the Contemporary Pornographic Industry from a Feminist Posthuman Perspective”, In: Pensar Culturas Cambiar Mundos, V Congreso Internacional de Antropología, AIBR, Madrid, Spain, 9-12 July 2019 

Maraboutaki, C. (2019). “A Critical Interpretation of Posthuman Critical Theory; Gender without Sex and Vice Versa”, In: SIEF2019 14th Congress, Santiago De Compostela, Spain, 14-17 April 2019 

Maraboutaki, C. (2018). “Sex Industry and New Technologies; the Sex Robots are Coming”, In: Understanding New Rape Culture, University College Dublin, Humanities Institute, Dublin, Ireland, 13-14 September 2018


Teaching activities:

2022 PhD seminar designed and taught together with Professor Benno Bastian Gammerl. Topic: History of Gender and Sexuality. Department of History and Civilisation, European University Institute, Florence, Italy

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