Genders in Transition: Masculinities, Affects, and Bodies

Brigitte Bargetz

Brigitte Bargetz is post doc researcher at the Department of Political Science at the University of Kiel (Germany) and co-editor of the feminist political science journal “Femina Politica”. Her research interests lie at the intersection of affect studies, queer feminist theory, political theory, and critical theories of the everyday. Currently, she is finishing her research project (Habilitation) “A Political Grammar of Feelings”, in which she discusses contemporary theories of democracy, the current turn to affect and matter, as well as feminist, queer, and critical race theories on political feelings. The project aims at identifying affective dimensions of the historical present in the Global North and at suggesting a nuanced way to theorize them. For the last couple of years, Brigitte has also been working on the notion of (feminist) critique and has engaged with the call for affirmative critique and the search for new political imaginaries, transformative potentialities, and other futures.

Before her appointment at U Kiel, Brigitte has held various positions at different universities (U Vienna; OU Milton Keynes; HU Berlin; UW Seattle) and international interdisciplinary research centres (ICI Berlin, Institute for Cultural Inquiry; IFK International Research Center for Cultural Studies, Vienna; IWM, Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna). She was project leader of the research project “Critical Science Literacy” and co-speaker of the working group “Politics and Gender” of the German Association of Political Science (DVPW). 

Selected publications:

  • Special Issue: Umkämpfte Solidaritäten. Femina Politica. Zeitschrift für feministische Politikwissenschaft, 28 (2), edited together with Alexandra Scheele, Silke Schneider, 2019
  • A Sentimental Contract: Ambivalences of Affective Politics and Publics, in: Fleig, Anne/von Scheve, Christian (eds.), Public Spheres of Resonance: Constellations of Affect and Language, Routledge, 63-80, 2019
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  • Longing for Agency: New Materialisms’ Wrestling with Despair, in: European Journal of Women’s Studies, 2 (26), 181-194, org/10.1177/1350506818802474, 2019
  • Ambivalenzen des Alltags. Neuorientierungen für eine Theorie des Politischen, Bielefeld (transcript),, 2016
  • The Distribution of Emotions: Affective Politics of Emancipation, in: Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy, 30 (3), 580-596, org/10.1111/hypa.12159, 2015
  • Mapping Affect. Challenges of (Un)Timely Politics, in: Angerer, Marie-Luise/Bösel, Bernd/Ott, Michaela (eds.), The Timing of Affect: Epistemologies, Aesthetics, Politics, diaphanes, 289-302,, 2014
  • Figuring Ambivalence – Capturing the Political: An Everyday Perspective, in: Holzhey, Christoph F. E. (ed.), Multistable Figures: On the Critical Potentials of Ir/Reversible Aspect-Seeing, Turia + Kant, 191-214, 2014
  • Politik, Emotionen und die Transformation des Politischen. Eine feministisch-machtkritische Perspektive, in: ÖZP (Austrian Journal of Political Science), 39 (2), 141-155, together with Birgit Sauer), org/10.15203/ozp.609.vol39iss2, 2010
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