Read all about it. Read all about it.

9 de diciembre de 2016


The way we read the news has changed a lot over the last 20 years. Although many people still choose to buy a daily newspaper at the newsagent’s every morning on their way to work, many others subscribe to an online version and are constantly updated with fresh news whenever they connect. The sound of “read all about it, read all about it” that newspaper sellers used to chant on the street corners so that people on their way to or from work would buy the newspapers they were selling is, without doubt, a thing of the past.

What is also a thing of the past is that we no longer need to limit ourselves to simply reading all about it, we can watch and listen to news stories as they unfold on our mobile devices. And that brings me to the topic of this post: rather than read all about it why not “listen to all about it?”

One of the most popular UK newspapers is The Guardian. Not only can you read lots of news online for free, you can also listen to it with the podcasts they publish. This is great news for language learners; being able to click and listen to an item of news is a great way of improving your language skills.

This link takes you to the Guardian‘s podcasts. Click and have a listen to whatever interests you.  Feel free to share, not only what you’ve listened to, but also your opinions on that piece of news.

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