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What tribe do you belong to?

Maybe you think you don’t belong to a tribe, but you do. I’ll prove it in this post! You may even find you belong to more than one! Let me start with the basics and[…]

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Summer Reads

  Summer’s just round the corner. Long days, lots of free time, so why not make the most of it to read something in English? I’ll give you some tips and advice on what is[…]

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False Friends

Breathe calmly,»Inspire, expire» ! I recently went to a concert in Barcelona given by the Canadian-born singer and composer, Rufus Wainwright. In between songs he told his audience some of the things that had happened[…]

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Time to pay your taxes

The financial year ends in different countries at different times. The end of the tax year is in April in the United Kingdom, for instance, and at the end of the year in Spain. Tax[…]

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New words in English

Have you noticed lately how English words are appearing more and more in other languages? In Spain, for example after the massive cyberattack «Wannacry» on Friday 12 May, the newspapers were full of a mysterious[…]