Want to use contact lenses but find them uncomfortable? If so, read on!


The popularity of contact lenses, which can correct sight problems while also satisfying aesthetic preferences, is continuing to grow. However, “a quarter of contact lens wearers stop wearing them because of discomfort brought about by a bad fit”, said David Merino, a member of the Faculty of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications and researcher in the AI Well group, in this item on UOC News.

Not all eyes are the same, so not all contact lenses are suitable for everyone. To solve this issue, Merino, in partnership with Marta Massip, a fellow researcher and member of the Faculty of Health Sciences, developed MoCoTo (Mobile Corneal Topographer).

This is the first such product to employ mobile technology, thereby saving opticians the cost of having to use a corneal topographer and helping their staff provide a better service. Not only does it permit the personalization of contact lenses, but it can also detect and diagnose certain conditions affecting the cornea, and even monitor injuries to it.

Opticians Cottet have already placed their trust in MoCoTo and carried out a validation study of the prototype in their more than 50 stores. So, if you’re someone who’s tried contact lenses but had to ditch them because they were uncomfortable, go ahead and make an appointment!

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